Tuesday, 9 March 2010

March Madness

Well March has been a very busy month so far. We have introduced the popular Tulasi Incense and Tulasi Cones to our ever growing range of products. These quality incense products have been produced in India since the mid 1940's and are renowned the world over for their beautiful fragrance.

We have a Mad March Deal this month. Your chance to buy, while stocks last 10 packs of incense (thats 200 sticks in all) for the amazing price of £4.99. Grab them while you can, this offer won't be around for long!!

Also new this month is the exciting range of Native America Smudge sticks and products hand made and shipped from Mexico. The quality of Sage Spirit Smudge sticks makes them a market leader and we are pleased to be able to offer you a selection of items from their range.

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Back to the web orders now, until next time...


Thursday, 11 February 2010


Well its time at last to join the rest of the world in the Twitter community.

Stay up to date with regular Tweets from us we give latest arrivals and updates to our website as they happen. You can Twitter us by looking for @josssticks or follow this link and add us TODAY http://twitter.com/josssticks

Tuesday, 9 February 2010

Lavender Incense is BACK

Of all the many fragrances , Lavender still remains the most popular. It is for this reason that it appears to sell out no sooner than it has been unpacked from our suppliers.

The good news is that we have a fresh new batch of Om Lavender Incense Sticks just arriving as I type. At 65p per pack of 10 sticks they are a real bargain during these hard times.

Lavender has been used for many years as a purificatory Incense, it aids sleep and promotes a general state of relaxation and well being. So now you can all RELAX as they are once again available for online purchase direct from us.

And even more good news .... we are now stocking the fantastic Stamford Incense Cones Range and you guessed it..... we have LAVENDER ! Check it out HERE :-)

Tuesday, 5 January 2010

Happy New Year

Just wanted to take the opportunity to wish all our customers old and new a Happy New Year. 2010 is going to be great, I am sure!

We have many new and exciting lines arriving in February and will update you as they are listed.

The new Nag Champa incense sticks have proven very popular and some fragrances have already sold out twice over. Not to worry though more stock arriving soon.

We have just taken delivery of a small quantity of the ever popular Spiral Silver Chakra Pendants. These fly out as soon as we get them so instead of braving the snow, why not stay in the warm and shop with us! Also new this week is a nice set of Pentacle Candle holders, perfect for the pagan altar ready to celebrate the spring season.

Signing off for new, heres to 2010......

Thursday, 3 December 2009

New Incense From Satya Nag Champ

We have just received fresh stocks of several brand new and Fantastic fragrant incense sticks from the makers of Nag Champa.

The house here has been full of amazing aromas as we have been testing for quality.

Check out the new fragrances listed here they include an amazing Jasmine, a fabulous Patchouli and a knockout Sandalwood. The perfumed oils used are of the best quality and are probably the best offered to the market place todate!

RRP is around £1.75 per pack of approx 12-15 sticks. We have the full range in stock right now at the great offer price of just £1.20 per packet.

Saturday, 7 November 2009

Shipping Changes

What a challenging month we have had with postal issues.

As you may know here in the UK we have had a number of postal strikes that have had some impact on our usual delivery service. We aim to ship all orders received within 48 hours however we are coming up to the busiest time of the year now and it is not always possible to meet this target with increased orders.

We have also had an increase in 'claims' where goods shipped outside of the UK have 'not need received' .We always obtain proof of shipping however in an attempt to keep customer shipping costs to a minimum, do not send overseas post via a 'signed for' method. If we did this in many cases the cost of shipping would be double the original customers order goods value!

In an attempt to reduce losses and thus help keep our prices down to you our valued customers we have had to implement immediate changes to our shipping policy.

We will be sending all UK orders via recorded delivery (requiring the item to be signed for on delivery) to help us reduce losses from orders 'not received'. This is also a requirement of PAYPAL if we need to put in a claim for missing items.

I have to say that all our shipped packages have our return address on them which means in theory they should be returned to us if undelivered. We operate on trust however we are in difficult times where we find in order to protect our interests we have to now get proof that items have been shipped AND delivered before we can claim for a missing package.

This new procedure will have an impact to our business running costs and therefore we have revised out shipping costs to allow for this.

Click here for our full Terms on shipping etc

We have also made the decision that for the time being we will no longer ship outside of the UK unless the customer is prepared to cover the additional costs of sending the goods via a recorded or signed for method. We would encourage overseas customers to email us prior to ordering to get a shipping quote.

Thursday, 1 October 2009

How & Why to Cleanse your Crystals

How to Cleanse Your Crystals

Cleansing is the process of removing any previous energies and influences that an item may have either absorbed or come into contact with, either during its production, handling or environment which it originated from.

To ensure that your crystal is ‘pure’ you should always cleanse it before working with it. There are a number of ways in which this can be done and these will be individually covered.

Cleansing With Fire

This is one of the oldest methods of cleansing and clearing an item. Obviously it is not suggested that you throw your crystal directly into a fire due to the damage that this would cause to it. It is however possible to cleanse a crystal by quickly passing it through the flame of a candle while visualising the energies being detached and being sent into the light.

Another alternative to cleansing with fire indirectly is by using incense or joss sticks. Light your incense and wait until you have a good cloud of the fragranced smoke spiralling upwards then in the same way as the candle flame technique, pass your crystal through the smoke several times while asking for the item to be cleansed for highest good.

Earth Cleansing

This type of cleansing used the earths natural properties to draw out and cleanse any negativity that your crystal may have had attracted to it on its journey to your ownership.

You can make a small hole in the earth, some do this on a full moon, and place your crystal inside, before covering it over with the earth. Leave the crystal in the ground for a period of time that feels right to you, but at least 24 hours before retrieving it. It is worth mentioning at this point that it is advisable to mark the spot your crystal has been buried at to avoid the potential loss of a prized specimen! If you would prefer to take additional precautions you can use the earth cleansing method by first filling a bucket or flower pot with fresh earth and then burying your crystal in it to prevent loss.

Sea Salt is another variation of earth cleansing. Here you use a container full of Sea Salt and burry your crystal in this. It will have the same affect as earth cleansing but it is important to remember to throw away the salt after use as reusing it could cause a build up of negative energies that can then be passed into another crystal that you are trying to cleanse with the same salt. Important to note is that some crystals (Pyrite and metal based minerals) are damages or corroded by the properties of Salt and therefore if in doubt you should consult a good crystal and mineral book to check suitability prior to cleansing with salt.

Water Cleansing

Cleansing with water is one of the easiest ways of quickly preparing your crystal for work. Fill a clean glass bowl with spring water, bottled or filtered is fine unless you are lucky enough to have a natural spring in close proximity to your home; then place the crystal in it ensuring the water completely covers the crystal. Leave the bowl on a windowsill in the moonlight if possible, overnight for maximum power before removing the crystal.

If you have access to a source of natural spring water this is an even better way of cleaning as it is washing the impurities of the crystal away as the water cleanses it. Place your crystal in a small net or mesh bag and hang it into the running waters, allowing the water to pass over for several minutes.

Again, as with salt cleansing, precautions must be taken to ensure your crystal is not made from material that is damages or even soluble in water. Some minerals such as Selenite are water soluble and will dissolve. These types of crystals are best cleansed by the incense method.

Cleansing Delicate Crystals

As already mentioned some crystals can be difficult to cleanse by the methods already described due to their delicate crystalline structures. For specimens like these you can cleanse using Reiki Energy or sound vibration.

To cleanse using Reiki Energy you will have to have been Reiki Attuned. If you have not been attuned then you could take your crystal to a Reiki Practitioner and they may be willing to do this for you.

Cleaning with sound vibration is a little easier. Using a set of Tibetan Cymbals ching them together and then separate them placing the crystal between the cymbals, thus allowing the vibrational ring to pass through the gem.

Remember that when cleansing your crystals you are removing all previous energies that the crystal has come into contact with prior to it reaching you. All crystals will have collected some form of vibration during manufacture. They absorb energy as they are produced and handled by the people that dig the raw material from the ground right through to the end supplier who has picked and packed them for shipment on their final journey to you.

Once cleansed do not let anyone else handle your crystal without your prior permission and remember to cleanse it after they have handled it as well as after you have used it.
Regular cleansing will ensure your crystal works with you and bond to your energy frequencies.